Potential impact of the Action

The expected benefits of this Action joining under one common umbrella the scientific and complementary human resources spread all over Europe will have long-lasting effects on (i) the scientific community itself; (ii) fundamental science, technology, and hi-tech industry; (iii) environment and safety; (iv) young researchers and women scientists; (v) the general public.

Specific benefits include:

  1. Defragmentation of tribology-related research efforts across Europe, with joint involvement of leading experts from complementary disciplines such as physics, chemistry, material science, and engineering.
  2. Strengthening the leading role of Europe in an international, worldwide context of nanotribology research.
  3. Addressing the main current challenges in the field.
  4. A transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the European industry, fostering industrial competitiveness of Europe in hi-tech applications.
  5. Paving the way for a reduction of consumption and waste of materials and energy toward a sustainable development.
  6. Preparing highly professional and competitive young researchers.
  7. Production of outreach material and activities for universities, schools, and the general public.