Complementarity with other research programmes

There is at present no systematic EU funded effort supporting networking within the European nanotribology community. A past COST Action 532 ‘Triboscience and Tribotechnology: Superior Friction and Wear Control in Engines and Transmissions’ did not address the nanoscale and ended in 2007. A more pertinent earlier European collaborative effort dates back to 2002 with the ESF network ‘Nanotribo’, but it also ended in 2007 without a follow-up. Minor relief came from the ESF Eurocores ‘FANAS’, a program endorsed by the ESF where some networking was possible. However, FANAS received no direct EU support, was modestly funded by a minority of national agencies, and ended in 2011. Several COST countries individually contribute national funds to nanotribology research, but they do not cover European networking, which is still missing. The present Action will fill this gap by creating a joint network platform. Knowledge from this Action will be transferred to and from the other national/international research programmes via Action scientists who have close connections with them.