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    14th International Conference on Tribology – SERBIATRIB ‘15

    13-15 May 2015
    Belgrade, Serbia

    This Conference is organized every two years by the Serbian Tribology Society since 1989. Serbian Tribology Society is a full member of International Tribology Council (ITC) and Balkan Tribological Association, as well. We expect about 100 participants from Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey etc.

    The scope of the Conference embraces the state of art and future trends in tribology research and application. The following two aspects of tribology practice require special attention. Firstly, the requirement for higher productivity of machinery means that they must operate under higher loads and at higher speeds and temperatures, and that is why finding the right solutions to tribological processes is extremely important. Secondly, the good tribology knowledge can greatly contribute to the saving of material and energy. Presenters have been invited to submit papers on the following topics:

    • Fundamentals of friction and wear
    • Tribological properties of solid materials
    • Surface engineering and coating tribology
    • Lubricants and lubrication
    • Tribotesting and tribosystem monitoring
    • Tribology in machine elements
    • Tribology in manufacturing processes
    • Tribology in transportation engineering
    • Design and calculation of tribocontacts
    • Sealing tribology
    • Biotribology
    • Nano and microtribology
    • Other topics related to tribology

    Further information:
    WEB site:

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