Guidelines for the STSMs of MP1303

All Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) must fulfill the COST general rules defined in sec. 7 of the Vademecum. In brief:

  • eligible grantees only from partners;
  • reimbursement rate: up to 160 EUR/day;
  • travel expenses: up to 500 EUR;
  • senior researchers (> 8 years after PhD) or PhD students: 5 to 90 days and up to 2500 EUR;
  • early career investigators (ECI) (< 8 years after PhD): 5 to 180 days and up to 3500 EUR;
  • at least 4 STSMs must be carried out every year.

The processing of requests proceeds as follows:

  • Requests of STSMs are encoded at
  • The STSM Coordinator accesses the encoded requests and compares them with
    1. the eligibility criteria of the requesting scientist and host institution;
    2. the relevance of the STSM for the Action scientific and dissemination targets;
    3. the available budget;
    4. technical constraints of the Grant Holder, e.g. times where no reimbursement can be carried out.
  • The STSM Coordinator may give feedback to the prospective grantee, and suggest adjustments if needed.
  • Periodically, the STSM Coordinator communicates the received STSM requests to the Core Group (CG), along with his proposal for acceptance or deferral to a later re-evaluation or rejection.
  • The CG can ask for clarifications. The Coordinator’s proposal is accepted by default, if no objection is raised by the CG within 3 days. Any objection requires that the CG runs a vote, with a choice among the STSM Coordinator’s proposal and alternative response patterns all respecting the overall budgetary constraints.
  • The final CG decisions are communicated immediately to the persons requesting the STSM and periodically to the Management Committee (MC).

The STSM Coordinator and the CG will make decisions based on the following guidelines:

  • a) For each grant period (May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017, and May 1, 2017 to October 7, 2017), the first 2 incoming requests are approved automatically if complying with criteria 1. to 4. and if the required amount is < 1800 EUR. Closer scrutiny is applied if this amount is exceeded.
  • b) Successive requests are examined in two or three bunches in May, in September, and (if unspent resources are left) in December.
  • c) In case a CG member is either a host or a grantee and if a vote is needed, this CG member will not participate to this vote to avoid conflicts of interests.
  • d) A STSM request by a person who was already granted a STSM in the same year will be given minimum priority and considered only for the December bunch if unspent resources are available.

This  is the version revised by the MC on Apr 18, 2016. Please find the original obsolete version here.